Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith Railway


Opened: 1874

Closed: 1966

Location code: LM130/12

Troutbeck signal boxAlthough most of the boxes on the eastern section of the Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith Railway were left, derelict, after closure in 1967, Troutbeck is now the only one remaining.

Opened in 1874, it was built by Saxby & Farmer to their 1869 design which was commonly found on the railways of North West England. A similar box on the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway is illustrated at Horrocksford Junction. Many boxes on the CK&P had the brickwork rendered, as seen here.

When the line was doubled between Threlkeld and Penruddock during 1894-6, the frame in the box was renewed. This new frame of 14 levers was manufactured by Tweedy & Co; a similar example is illustrated at Threlkeld. This frame was later extended to 16 levers.

Troutbeck had the dubious pleasure, after 1896, of being the only intermediate box on a double-track section along this line, and was therefore able to switch out. It was therefore only opened when required for shunting.

The box closed on 21st November 1966, but was not demolished. For many years It stood on private property in very derelict condition. I believe it no longer survives.

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