London & North Western Railway


Opened: 1872

Closed: ——

Location code: LM26/35

Ty Croes signal boxQuite a few signal boxes were built to the design shown here in the early 1870's on the Chester & Holyhead line, during the introduction of block working. These could be viewed as a development from Saxby & Farmer's designs (as illustrated at Llysfaen) but are quite distinct in the provision of three-pane high windows.

This particular example is unusual in being integrated with the lineman's accommodation next-door.

The original lever frame was replaced in 1901 with a LNWR tumbler-locking type of 18 levers, controlling the small goods yard, station and level crossing.

Ty Croes is to be found on the island of Anglesey. The station here closed in 1964, but the signal box remained in use to control the level crossing.

More recently, the box has been reduced to "gatekeeper" status, and the frame shortened to just six levers. It is still operational.

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