Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway


Opened: 1875

Closed: 1988

Location code: LM94/20

Whitley Bridge signal box
Photograph by John Hinson

Until 1988, a rare example of Smith & Yardley's first design of box (1872-1878) could be found at Whitley Bridge, near Knottingly, guarding a level crossing. In fact, since 1968 that had been its only function, for it had ceased to be a proper signal box and its 36-lever frame (the third to have been fitted in the lifetime of the box) removed.

A distinctive feature of this design was the provision of small "lights" above the main windows similar to those found in early Saxby & Farmer boxes, but these were discarded when the design was replaced by the type found at Milner Royd Junction.

Whitley Bridge ceased to function as a signal box in 1968, being demoted to gate-keeper status. It closed fully on the 28th February 1988, with the crossing being controlled through closed-circuit television cameras from Sudforth Lane box.

Additional notes by David Ingham

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