North Eastern Railway


Opened: 1904

Closed: ——

Location code: NE32/12

Billingham signal box From around 1899, the Central Division of the North Eastern Railway abandoned the ornate design illustrated at Cargo Fleet Road, and adopted a more conventional design of box with hipped roof. Many of these boxes were quite large, but Billingham was unusually lofty and commanded an excellent view of the track layout. However, the signalman's view of the road passing across the level crossing is rather distant, and an extension has been added to the box to improve this.

Some boxes of this design had a large triangular ventilator at each end of the box. An example of one of these is shown on the lean-to variety of this box design at Wolsingham.

Although may appear otherwise, the glazing is three panes deep - some of the lower panes have been painted over. The locking room windows have recently been bricked up - this has probably been done to allow sensitive electrical equipment protection.

The McKenzie & Holland No17 pattern frame of 50 levers, installed by the LNER in 1945, continues to operate the layout at this box (located between Stockton and Hartlepool) although many of the levers are no longer in use.

The motorised boom gates are scheduled for replacement by lifting barriers in August 2011.

A mirror view!

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