North Eastern Railway


Opened: 1918

Closed: ——

Location code: NE20/30

Brampton Fell signal boxWhilst most boxes of the Northern Division of the North Eastern Railway has hipped roofs (see Holywell), a number were constructed after the late 1900's with gabled roofs as seen here. Many had neat arched locking room windows. A similar box, with conventional locking room windows, can be seen at Goswick.

Brampton Fell was one of two new boxes erected in 1918 to control new goods loops (independent lines in NER terminology) on the Newcastle & Carlisle route. The box at the other end of the loops was called, rather frighteningly, Hell Beck.

This arrangement didn't last for long, for the LNER were forced to making sweeping economies during the 1920's after the National strike. Hell Beck was one such casualty, and was closed. If this had occurred ten years later, one would expect the Hell Beck pointwork to be motorised and brought under the control of Brampton Fell, but such technology was young and instead the ends of the loops were severed and the two lines were worked as dead end refuge sidings from the Brampton Fell end.

Inevitably, in more recent years these sidings also became redundant but the box and its 20-lever McKenzie & Holland frame survives as a simple block post controlling the adjoining level crossing.

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