North Eastern Railway


Opened: c1915

Closed: 1993

Location code: NE20/24

Haltwhistle signal boxLike Fencehouses, Haltwhistle box consists of a timber top mounted on a narrow brick base. The narrow base was essential, as can be seen, to fit in the limited space available. The join between the narrow and wide portions is neatened by curved timber panelling, through which the point rodding and signal wires emerge to reach ground level.

Haltwhistle was once an important junction on the Newcastle to Carlisle line of the North Eastern Railway, where the Alston branch diverged. This warranted the provision of an 85-lever box here, which may have replaced two earlier boxes at each end of the station. There has also been another box further east controlling a colliery.

In 1993, the control of the remaining signalling was moved into a temporary structure on the platform, perhaps the box was becoming a little rickety. However, the cabin was not demolished as it is a listed building, and recently some work has been carried out to put it in better shape. It is expected that the panel will be moved to the signal box shortly, allowing this elegant structure to return to operational use once again.

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