North Eastern Railway


Opened: 1887

Closed: 1965

Location code: NE19/08a

Haugh Head crossing cabinWhilst most of the signalling on the Northern Division of the North Eastern Railway was provided by Stevens & Sons (see Milton), the line between Alnwick and Coldstream had signalling provided by the Railway Signal Company.

The design is neither North Eastern Railway or Railway Signal Company in origin. It is unique to this line and was found at all locations apart from some stations which had a hut-like structure attached to the station buildings.

Haugh Head itself was never of full signal box status, acting purely to protect a level crossing on the single line. As such, the accommodation seems ambitious, especially for a quiet branch line. The cabin contained an 8-lever "Edwards" frame. Edwards had formed the Railway Signal Company in 1881, so it is likely the frames on this line were standard RSCo products.

Surprisingly, a few of the boxes along this line have escaped demolition, and now, many years after closure, Haugh Head serves the unusual purpose of holiday accommodation - hence the curtains!

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