North Eastern Railway


Opened: c1873

Closed: ——

Location code: NE9/21

Knaresborough signal boxAlthough dating back the same era as Weaverthorpe, the time when interlocking and block working was being introduced on the North Eastern Railway at great speed, Knaresborough box does not match the standard box design of the era.

The reason for this is, no doubt, because it has been built onto the end of a row of terraced houses in the street that crosses the line here on the level.

It is a small, cosy-looking box, but must have little room for the signalman's furniture.

Inside Knaresborough signal boxTucked into the box is a twelve-lever McKenzie & Holland frame with the levers spaced at 4" intervals. This isn't the original frame (which would have been fitted in the front of the box) but is still, of necessity, tiny.

There is one block instrument on the shelf. This is a BR design, constructed from plastic modules, far removed from the earlier varnished and polished devices. It controls the double line to Starbeck (towards Harrogate); the other direction (to Cattal, in the York direction) is a single line and controlled by key token.

The glass-fronted wooden case contains the pump handle for emergency operation of the clamplock-worked points located at the site of the former Knaresborough Goods box.

The box at Knaresborough, although over 125 years old, is still in fine fettle and operational. One of the signalmen has even signed the Train Register at this web site!

Now I wonder what the nextdoor neighbours think of the ringing of bells and crashing of levers in the early hours . . .

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