North Eastern Railway


Opened: 1907

Closed: 1985

Location code: NE33/10

Leeming Bar signal boxLeeming Bar box, although built on a grand scale, led a sleepy existence. It was located on the North Eastern's long branch between Northallerton and Hawes. It opened as late as 1907, when the line was doubled between here and Bedale.

The box is built to the North Eastern's final design which was introduced in 1905, although the brickwork is unusually colourful. Inside the box was a thirty-six lever frame to McKenzie & Holland's No.16 pattern, which was the type adopted as standard by the NE. An example of this type of frame can be seen at Wolsingham. By the time this photograph was taken (1983) there were just seven of the levers in use.

The boom gates, a popular feature on the North Eastern Region of British Railways, were not power-driven (as at Winning) but were hand worked, and interlocked with the signals by large steel keys.

The double line was singled as an economy measure around 1930, and the box was reduced to gate-keeper status. However, a change of heart occurred around 1937 when the old layout was reinstated, and the box regained is block-post status.

As such, it meandered through the rest of its life, right up to 1985 when traffic had reduced to one freight train a day. The line was then converted to a single line throughout, worked by train staff with the train crews operating the level crossing gates for the passage of their train.

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