North Eastern Railway


Opened: c1873

Closed: ——

Location code: NE12/17

Weaverthorpe signal boxWeaverthorpe is one of the earliest known boxes built by the Southern Division of the North Eastern. In principle it is to the same design as Burton Lane, but the gabled roof is at right angles to the track. This was a practice adopted by a number of railway companies in early signalling days, but so few examples survived into recent years it is difficult to establish whether this was a design policy or just a couple of quirk boxes.

One distinct disadvantage of building boxes in this was was that the larger the lever frame, the taller the roof, so it was generally only used on smaller boxes. However, these boxes did provide ample room for the signalman's furniture and facilities as they were generally deeper than they were long. Another example like this, on the Central Division, can be seen at Norton South, whilst a completely different approach has been adopted at Knaresborough.

The looks of the box are most certainly not enhanced by the rendering that has been applied to the upper portion. Whetehr this was original to the box or a later "enhancement" is not clear, but it has become very tatty and dirty with age. The box is, after all, over 125 years old!

Weaverthorpe was once a wayside station on the York to Scarborough route, but the station and goods yard are now long-closed. However, the box remains in use as an intermediate block post between Malton and Seamer and to control the level crossing, which is still complete with its wheel-worked wooden gates.

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