Metropolitan District Railway


Opened: 1883

Closed: 1905

Location code: LT8/09

Boston Manor signal boxBoston Road box was a standard Saxby and Farmer cabin of the 1876-1898 period, which could be found on many railway companies' lines around the country, such as on the LBSC at Drayton and on the L&Y at Clayton West Station.

Later boxes on the Metropolitan District Railway were built to the company's own modern-looking design, as found at Hounslow Town.

Use of the box ceased in 1905, when automatic signalling was introduced between Mill Hill Park (these days known as Acton Town) and Osterley Park.

The original automatic signalling was with semaphore signals but by 1934 colour light signals had been provided. Also in 1934, a new box nearby at Northfields was opened to control a newly opened depot.

London Transport, and its predecessors, tended to retain old buildings for other uses, and disused boxes are generally kept in very good condition. Whilst some windows have been boarded over, the box remains in remarkably original condition.

Although originally part of the Metropolitan District network, the line through Boston Road, long since renamed Boston Manor, is now part of the Piccadilly Line.

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