British Railways (Southern Region)


Opened: 1956

Closed: 1981

Location code: S42/25

Belvedere signal boxBelvedere is a suburb in south-east London, situated on the former South Eastern Railway's line between Woolwich and Dartford.

The original box here was replaced in 1956 by this rather more functional design by British Railways in 1956. Variations of this design were used by the Southern region between 1953 and 1961. This type was supersceded by a more attractive design as found at Lenham. Interestingly, although each region of British Railways was producing its own designs, a number of common features exist.

Belvedere survived the 1970 Dartford area resignalling, being reduced in status to a gate box. The crossing was supervised by closed-circuit televison from Crabtree Crossing from January 1981, and the box was closed.

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