London, Brighton & South Coast Railway


Opened: c1868

Closed: ——

Location code: S26/18

Billingshurst signal boxBillingshurst is a remarkable survivor from the early days of railway signalling. It can be found on the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway's East Sussex line which runs between Three bridges and Arundel.

Early records are unclear, but it seems likely that this cabin was erected around 1868. The architecture represents Saxby & Farmer's intial design, which had first appeared in 1857. Many of these boxes were quite tall by later standards, and featured horizontal lapped boarding and a flush-fitting roof. The earliest examples had the lower portion unboarded and exposed to the elements.

The original lever frame was renewed in 1876, initially this had seventeen levers but this total grew to 19 over the years as enhancements were applied to the layout. The frame is to Saxby & Farmer's 1874 Rocker design although relocked with standard tappet locking in 1912.

Other than that, the box's existence has been remarkably stable, and it continues in regular use. It is likely to become a finge box to Three Bridges when the Horsham area is resignalled during 2001.

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