London, Brighton & South Coast Railway


Opened: 1904

Closed: 1992

Location code: S27/05

Bosham signal boxBosham station is located on the LB&SC's coastal line between Chichester and Havant. From 1904 to 1992, this cabin stood guard over the station, yard and level crossing.

The box is very similar to the larger example illustrated at Earlswood, but was erected at a time when the Brighton company was switching from the contractor-built Stevens-like frames (as seen at Mitcham Junction) to the home-built pattern illustrated at Earlswood.

Interior of Bosham boxDuring that period, a few frames were manufactured to a completely different design - and the 21-lever frame at Bosham was one of these.

Instead of the familiar Stevens style of levers standing vertically in the normal position, and dropping downwards as pulled over, these frames were more like other manufacturer's products in that the levers lean back in the normal position. The catch handles had a slight curve on them, in common with the later LB&SC frames.

The gates here were worked by the traditional capstan wheel, which is behind the cameraman.

The crossing was converted to become Automatic Half-Barriers, controlled from Chichester box, on 26th September 1992 and the box closed.

Only one example of this type of frame now survives, at Littlehampton.

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