London, Chatham & Dover Railway


Opened: c1880

Closed: 1997

Location code: S40/05a

Buckand Crossing cabinAlthough Buckland Crossing was never a fully-fledged signalbox, it is a remarkable survivor from a past age, and was to be found on the main London to Dover route near Faversham.

For over a century years, this little hut provided the protection for the occasional vehicle needing to cross the line at the small level crossing here. A seven lever frame controlled the signals provided to protect the level crossing. These signals became modern colour-lights when the line was electrified and resignalled in 1959.

Despite the increases in road traffic around the UK over the years, the traffic here always remained extremely light apart from during the fruit-picking season. For this reason, it was manned by a resident crossing-keeper, whose accommodation was the adjoining house.

The provision of a diversionary road saw the end of the need for this cabin, and it was taken out of use on 7th December 1997. The house has been sold, possibly to the last member of staff employed here. Fortunately the neat timber cabin, still with its LC&DR nameboard, is part of that property, so it has escaped demolition and will hopefully see a long future.

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