South Eastern & Chatham Railway


Opened: 1914

Closed: 1995

Location code: S35/16

Dover Marine signal boxThis large signalbox opened in 1914 in connection with some improvements to the facilities in the Dover area.

It controlled the remote corner of a very tight triangular junction with the through route, which formed into the throat of the ferry terminal station.

The architecture of the box can easily be mistaken for that of Saxby & Farmer but that type ceased being built many years earlier. It is in fact of the South Eastern's standard design which had been introduced in 1900. Undoubtedly, much of the inspiration came from boxes on its adopted area such as Farningham Road. An all-timber example is illustrated at Canterbury East. A 120-lever (later enlarged to 121) frame controlled the layout.

Although the grand boat trains of the past (like the "Golden Arrow") went out of fashion, passenger trains continued to serve the ferry terminal until the opening of the Channel Tunnel. Even then, small amounts of freight still used the ferries for a few years as certain traffic (such as inflammables) cannot pass through the tunnel. However, this dwindled and the location finally ceased to be rail served in 1995. Dover Marine signal box closed on 5th July.

Interestingly, although the terminal was remodelled with the motor car in mind, the signal box survived as office accommodation for a short while - as seen in this picture. It was, however, demolished during 2000.

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