Southern Railway


Opened: 1928

Closed: 1990

Location code: S25/25a

Epsom signal box
Photograph by John Hinson, c1980

Epsom box opened in 1928, well into the Southern Railway era, but (disregarding the fact that it is elevated across the lines) the architecture did not reflect the standards that the company had set itself. By this time, gabled roofs had become the norm - see Mitcham Junction. The upper row of windows demonstrates that these can be glazed although most examples were either boarded or painted out. An additional lower row of windows is also provided, to give the signalmen a better view from such a great height. Construction is all-timber, to reduce the weight that the steel gantry has to stand.

The new box was provided in connection with new arrangements brought swiftly into use after the grouping of 1923. Prior to this, London, Brighton & South Coast trains had to pass through the station as their lines had no platforms - instead they called at their own station at Epsom Town station.

The new arrangements included new platforms to serve LB&SC traffic as well as that of the London & South Western, improving the interchange arrangements and allowing the closure of Epsom Town station. The two existing boxes at this station, Epsom Junction East and West, were also abolished in this exercise.

The new box controlled the layout from a 60-lever Westinghouse A2-type frame, like that illustrated at Dorking.

Apart from the later installation of automatic signalling, the box led an uneventful life through to is abolition on 29th July, 1990. The area is now controlled by Wimbledon power box.

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