Southern Railway


Opened: 1944

Closed: —nk—

Location code: S52/21

Newcourt signal box
Photograph by John Hinson, 1976

Is this really a signal box? The answer is yes! It was located on the Exmouth branch, between Topsham and Exmouth Junction.

It opened in 1944 to serve a World War II Ministry of Defence depot, and was built from concrete slabs which were no doubt manufactured at the nearby Exmouth Junction concrete works.

The box contained a Stevens & Sons Dwarf frame of 15 levers - the layout consisted of just a facing crossover and siding connection, although there was also a remote siding ground frame released from here.

The box was only ever opened when required for traffic, worked by a Porter-Signalman.

When the line was singled in 1973, the box was re-classified as a ground frame. It is not known when the depot closed or the box was formerly abolished.

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