London & South Western Railway


Opened: 1875

Closed: 1988

Location code: S50/26

Pinhoe signal boxSituated a few miles short of Exeter on the London & South Western's one-time main line, Pinhoe is a splendid example of the common design used in early years, having been used in new boxes from 1871 to 1880. The neat design was always compact in size, leaving the signalman little room to circulate.

Pinhoe contains an eighteen lever frame manufactured by Stevens & Sons, original to the box in 1875.

The Western Region later adopted this end of the line, and the brown and cream paint is a symbol of their ownership. Evidence of even more modern activities at this location can be seen in the level crossing power-operated barriers and lineside relay cabinets.

The box in its new location at Bere FerrersThe box closed in 1988, control of the area being taken over by a newly installed panel in Exmouth Junction box.

But that was not the "end of the road" for Pinhoe box. It was purchased by an enthusiast that owned Bere Ferrers station, and has been re-erected there. It now overlooks trains passing from private property, but has the appearance of always having been there.

Passing trains are now watched over by a Victorian signalman standing at the window.

Additional notes provided by Chris Osment

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