London & South Western Railway


Opened: c1870

Closed: 1981

Location code: S49/31

Salisbury Tunnel Junction signal boxThe earliest signal boxes on the London & South Western Railway were mostly constructed entirely in brick, with less window area than is taken for granted in more recent structures. The design varied at some locations, with hipped roofs and/or wooden top portions.

This general style of box was used by the LSW from 1868, although a few boxes were also built to contractor's designs during that period. Another design first came into use from 1871, as seen at Romsey, which completely supersceded this design from 1874.

Salisbury Tunnel Junction was located just to the east of the station, at the end of a tunnel (strangely enough), where the line from Eastleigh and Southampton joined the Waterloo main line. Details of the original frame are not known, but by 1901 it contained a 20-lever Stevens & Sons frame which was later enlarged to 21 levers.

The box survived until 1981 when the signalling in the area became controlled from a small panel in the station buildings.

A track layout diagram of the box dated 1918 may be viewed here.

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