Southern Railway


Opened: 1925

Closed: 1992

Location code: S27/06a

Southnourne signal box
Photograph by John Hinson, 1978

This small box was erected in 1925 or 1928 (sources differ) at Southbourne Halt on the former London Brighton & South Coast Railway's line along the south coast from Brighton towards Portsmouth.

The architecture of the box is interesting. Whilst it is instinctively identified as being of the Southern Railway's 1924 Central Division design (like Mitcham Junction) there are some features that bring this into question. The window sections have curved tops, and the boarded area above these seem particularly large. The overhang of the roof is minimal. These features point a finger towards the post-1905 box design of the Somerset & Dorset Railway, and it is possible that what we see here is a second-hand structure or a direct copy.

The box was fitted with a seven lever LB&SC frame, although this was extended to 10 in 1967 when Inlands Road box closed. Later still, automatic signalling was introduced between here and Bosham.

The automatic signalling was extended to Chichester in 1991, allowing the box to be closed on 26th September. The level crossing is now operated from Chichester using closed-circuit television.

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