South Eastern Railway


Opened: 1881

Closed: 1961

Location code: S36/01

Photograph 9/8/58, from the collection of Dr J W F Scrimgeour
A short branch from the South Eastern's main line at Dunton Green to Westerham opened in 1881. The signalling contract was let to Stevens & Sons and boxes to their design were provided both at the junction and the terminus.

Here, we see the small box controlling the station at Westerham, which contained just 13 levers to control the single terminal platform, run-round loop and goods yard.

Architecture is typical of Stevens & Sons and may be compared with Grain Crossing. Typical features were the large-paned windows for the era, divided into just three panes per section, and the vertical timberwork throughout.

The line never really grew above "sleepy" status and closed, along with the box, in 1961.

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