Highland Railway


Opened: 1894

Closed: 1984

Location code: Sc60/15

Achnasheen East signal boxFurther from the station than Achnasheen West, the east box was of identical design although slightly smaller. In accordance with Highland Railway practice, neither box was manned in the conventional sense, being worked more in the manner of a ground frame. The signalling instruments were in the Booking Office, along with a two lever frame slotting the starting signals onto the single line in each direction. The signalman would only visit the boxes in order to set the points and clear the signals.

Inside Achnasheen East box Achnasheen East box contained a McKenzie & Holland design frame of fourteen levers, most of which were still in use up to closure. Along the back wall are wire adjusters to allow the signalman to compensate for expansion of the signal wires during warm weather. Behind the levers at the left-hand end of the frame is a mechanical indicator to show whether the West box's distant is off as this must be so before East box's distant is cleared. In practice, the distants were rarely used, as a considerable amount of legwork was necessary between the boxes to operate them.

A drawing of the track layout diagram is available.

The boxes at Achnasheen were closed in 1984 when Radio Token signalling replaced the conventional type. There are now no locations where the two-box arrangement is still in use.

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