Caledonian Railway


Opened: 1887

Closed: 1995

Location code: Sc69/09

Broughty Ferry signal boxBroughty Ferry box opened on 27th November 1887. During its life, it has variously been named Broughty Ferry Gray Street, Broughty Ferry Passenger (when there was also a Goods cabin nearby) and finally Broughty Ferry after the Goods box closed.

The box is built in the same style as Craiginches North, but here construction is entirely in wood. Timber boxes were rare, and only used in special circumstances. The reason here is, remarkably, that the stairs of the station footbridge pass right through the basement of the cabin. This must leave only limited space for the locking apparatus. This unusual arrangement ensures that the signalman has a good view of the trains under his control and of the level crossing which is just the other side of the footbridge.

Notice also how the box has been extended at some time to accommodate a longer lever frame.

A typical Scottish large bracket signal with lattice post and doll is tucked in against the bridge. On these, the main post frequently extends beyond the bracket so that reinforcing stays can be fitted. This ensures good visibility to drivers of approaching trains around the station canopy. A standard upper quadrant arm has been fitted in place of the original lower quadrant arm; the large space below would have once allowed for the Broughty Goods Down distant.

Broughty Ferry is located on the route between Dundee and Aberdeen. The section as far as Arbroath was jointly owned with the North British Railway, and boxes of both companies can be found on this section.

Broughty Ferry box closed in 1995, when the area became controlled by the power box at Dundee. The structure is a listed building, but in 2001 it was "temporarily dismantled" during station reconstruction. It has subsequently been reconstructed on the Up side of the station.

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