North British Railway


Opened: 1903

Closed: 1987

Location code: Sc43/04

Cambus Junction signal boxThis remarkably solid and imposing box was located near Alloa on the relatively unimportant line between Stirling and Dunfermline. Cambus Junction was one of the last to be built to this North British Railway design (in 1903) which had been in use since as far back as 1873 although other designs had also been used during that period. The practice of providing sash windows with large pillars between is not common elsewhere, although the South Eastern Railway adopted similar features in their all-wood boxes like Edenbridge.

The box controlled a small station with associated sidings, two level crossings and a single-line branch to Alva. By the time of this photograph (1981), the main line had been singled and a token exchange landing can be seen at the foot of the signal box stairs.

Interior of Cambus Junction boxThe original 40-lever Stevens frame was replaced during World War 2 by one of fifty levers to cater for control an expanded layout. The frame seen in this photograph is, though, of 55 levers and was a further replacement in 1957 in connection with the opening of the new yard at Alloa to serve a new colleiry on the Alva branch at Glenochil, which turned out to be a failure..

At the far end of the box, a capstan wheel controlling the level crossing gates, is visible.

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