North British Railway


Opened: 1895

Closed: 1962

Location code: Sc36/24a

Cardrona signal boxIt is amazing what can be found if you hunt hard enough. Almost concealed by vegetation on the platform of the tinyderelict station is Cardrona signal box, which was located between Innerleithen and Peebles, just off the Waverley route of the North British Railway.

The box, although little can be seen of it here, was built to the Railway Signal Company's standard design (see Caergwrle) which is unusual as most NB boxes were built to their own designs.

It seems that the box was never of "block post" status. The Board of Trade's inspection report of the station and box when the line opened contained the following comments:

A few months later, the North British submitted proposals to move the siding slightly to accommodate an extended platform upon which a proper station building was provided. As can be seen in the photograph, the new buildings virtually obscured the view from the box, and it is likely that the frame in the box was moved to the rear wall of the box at this time to improve the view.

The 8-lever frame is recorded by the NB to be of the Railway Signal Company "push-down" type, which is a reference to the way the tappet locking operates in the limited space available below the operating floor. As with many RSC frames found on the NB, it was built to the style of Stevens & Sons' frames.

The box remained in use as a ground frame controlling the one siding and a level crossing up to the closure of the line in 1962.

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