North British Railway


Opened: 1907

Closed: 1989

Location code: Sc31/29

Clydebank Dock East JunctionClydebank Dock Junction box opened in 1907 as Clydebank Dock Junction No.1, although it is not clear where the No.2 box might have been. It was located in the tangle of lines on the north side of Glasgow, at the point where (not surprisingly) a branch to the docks at Clydebank parted from the North British's route from Glasgow to Dumbarton and Fort William.

It was constructed to the North British Railway's 1907 design, which represented a complete architectural change from the heavy-looking brick type illustrated at Cambus Junction. Finally, a full glazed area was provided, unobstructed by brick pillars, comprising decorative groups of small panes above large plate glass sections. Most boxes of this type had brick bases. From 1918, boxes were built without the upper window sections, having that area instead covered by boarding.

The layout was controlled from a 60-lever frame. In 1959, colour light signalling was provided. These signals were controlled from switches on the shelf above the lever frame, although the levers were retained to work the points and shunting signals.

This arrangement lasted through to 2nd July 1989, when box closed and the area became controlled by a new electronic signalling control centre at Yoker.

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