Caledonian Railway


Opened: c1880

Closed: 1981

Location code: Sc18/21

Craiginches North signal boxThe main marshalling yards for Aberdeen were located a little way south of the station, and were controlled by two boxes. The North box, seen here, was built to the same design as the 1873 box at Hilton Junction, but here the box is rather taller. This is because it is alongside a road bridge which would obstruct the signalman's view of his layout.

These early boxes were quite uninspiring, architecturally. A simple but perfectly adequate window arrangement was provided above a very plain brick base, unrelieved by any locking-room windows as were found in other company's boxes of the period. The roof has an unfinished effect by leaving the roof timbers exposed, without soffit boards or gutters.

Craiginches North closed as part of the Aberdeen resignalling on 18th October 1981.

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