Highland Railway


Opened: 1901

Closed: 1978

Location code: Sc56/13

Dalnaspidal signal boxDalnaspidal box, dating from 1900, appears to be an hotch-potch design between the contractors' designs of the 19th century (as at Dingwall South) and the later standard design of the Highland Railway. Indeed, it may be made up from parts from one of the earlier, redundant boxes.

Interestingly the porch and toilet are not integrated as neatly as might be expected. The brick base is more in line with later practice, although most later cabins had panelled brickwork. Notice the corrugated iron roof.

Like most Highland stations, Dalnaspidal had originally been a two-box layout, but doubling of this section of line in 1900-01 had seen the end of that necessity. Later drops in traffic saw the line singled again in 1966, but in a great blaze of publicity (as if it had never been done before) double line was reintroduced in 1978. Unfortunately, the resignalling this time saw the end of the signal box's career.

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