British Railways (Scottish Region)


Opened: 1963

Closed: 1988

Location code: Sc58/25

Dingwall North signal boxThe 1896 signal box at Dingwall North was destroyed by fire in 1963, and this un-prepossessing shed was erected in its place. Defying all enthusiast's attempts to categorise its elegant architecture, this cabin served for twenty-five years! The previous box had some 50 levers (which would have been similar to Dingwall South)as Dingwall was an important station and a significant junction, but this one controlled a very basic layout.

Inside Dingwall North boxShoe-horned inside was a 25-lever frame of the Stevens & Sons "knee" type - officially known as a Stevens' Ground Frame. This type of frame was convenient to use in a ground level cabin as the interlocking and the lever tails were all above ground level.

At the end of the frame stands a Tyers Key Token instrument for one of the two single lines, whilst amongst the myriad of telephones and indicators, a Tyers "F" block instrument sits on the block shelf. The simple layout controlled is displayed, unusually, on the end wall of the box.

The cabin was reduced to ground frame status in 1984, as radio operated token systems were brought into use. Full abolition didn't take place, however, until 13th November 1988.

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