Great North of Scotland Railway


Opened: 1880

Closed: 2019

Location code: Sc62/09

Dyce signal boxThis impressive cabin once controlled one of the Great North of Scotland Railway's important junctions - this is where the long branch serving the termini at Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Boddam diverged from the main Aberdeen to Keith and Elgin line.

This was the company's first design of box, used up until 1903 although other designs were used after 1884. Stone, brick and timber types could be found, although no others now survive. The design generally used after 1884 is illustrated at Huntley.

Known as Dyce South until the North and Buchan boxes closed in 1928, it originally contained just 30 levers. In 1928, a new frame of 42 levers was provided to additionally control the layout of the other two boxes. This frame was shortened to 26 levers when the line was singled in 1973 but the frame was not renewed again like at all the other boxes on this line at that date.

Fortunately, Scottish Region Tokenless Block was provided when the singling took place so the signalman does not get puffed on the staircase delivering tokens!

The area was re-signalled during 2007 and an NX panel replaced the lever frame on 26th November.

Further resignalling of the area saw the box closed in 2019 and control of the signalling is from inverness.

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