Great North of Scotland Railway


Opened: 1888

Closed: 1973

Location code: Sc63/03

Elgin Centre signal boxElgin Centre demonstrates the second design of Great North of Scotland boxes, introduced in 1884 to supersede the style illustrated at Dyce. This type continued to be used until the turn of the century, and as this timespan covers the era when signalling became compulsory, a large proportion of GNS boxes were of this type. Two smaller examples are illustrated at Huntly.

Elgin was an important junction. The GNS main line from Aberdeen joined the Portessie and Lossiemouth line at Elgin East, and this box controlled the connections with the Highland Railway's Keith to Aberdeen Line.

This box started in life as Elgin West, but as it worked directly with the Highland Railway's box of the same name this must have been a little confusing. Nevertheless, the obstinacy of independent railway companies prevailed until the 1923 grouping and beyond - it was only in 1928 that the decision was made to rename this cabin as "Centre".

The layout here was controlled by a 50-lever frame, but with the 1973 singling of the route the control of the area was concentrated on the Highland's West box and Elgin Centre was closed.

Despite closure, the cabin was not demolished but was kept in fine condition for a while as staff accommodation. Currently, it is disused and derelict.

Additional notes provided by Niall Melles.

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