North British Railway


Opened: 1904

Closed: 1989

Location code: Sc28/31

High Street East Junction signal boxThe name does little to enlighten one as to where this enormous box actually was. Its location was actually in Glasgow, on the North British's route eastwards from the city.

It was the third at this location, and was originally named College East Junction. The line was resignalled and electrified in 1960.

The box had been virtually doubled in length to accommodate improvements to the layout. The original part was at the far end, but the design is hard to identify owing to the number of alterations that have been made. It is likely that the box originally had a hipped roof.

In its peak, the box contained a 150 lever frame, although this was replaced by a curious hybrid panel in 1982. Whilst looking like an NX ("entrance-exit") panel, the points had to be manually set on the switches before the "entrance" button was operated to clear the signals. No "exit" buttons were necessary.

The box closed under the Yoker resignalling scheme in 1989.

Additional notes by Simon Lowe

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