Caledonian Railway


Opened: c1875

Closed: 1983

Location code: Sc4/15

Kingsknowe signal boxEarly boxes on the Southern Division of the Caledonian Railway were built to a number of designs, which could be divided into three main categories. Some had curved framing at the top of each window section, and some had very shallow roofs which where zinc rather than slate-covered. Others had large overhanging roofs with excessively prominent roof support brackets. The remainder featured the window arrangement seen here, with a cluster of small panes surmounting two tall panes.

Kingsknowe is particularly splendid with the provision of an enormous finial at the centre of its hipped roof. These were not found on all boxes of this type.

By 1890, all Southern Division boxes were standardised on the design mentioned above with the large roof overhang. An example is illustrated at Garnqueen North Junction.

Kingsknowe was to be found on the Carstairs to Edinburgh route. The box controlled a small station, sidings and a level crossing. Notice how the gates are supported, unusually, on ornate steels posts.

The box survived the initial resignalling of the area in 1981 by being retained in the capacity of crossing-keeper. But the level crossing was automated on 6th February 1983 and the box closed.

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