Glasgow & South Western Railway


Opened: 1874

Closed: ——

Location code: Sc47/34

Mauchline No.1 signal boxThis box is located on the Glasgow & South Western's main line from Carlisle to Glasgow (via Dumfries) and is the junction for the line to Ayr. When first built, the box was named as Mauchline North, but later adopted the name Mauchline No.1.

The box is built to the GSW's first in-house design, this style being used up to 1887. All boxes of this type had a central unglazed section in the front of the box. The eraliest had two-pane high windows, as shown here, but a few later examples had three-high glazing. This design was superseded by the type illustrated at Kilkerran from around 1885.

The No.2 box closed in 1970, but it was not until the layout was remodelled in 1978 (when the line to Ayr was singled) that this box was officially renamed "Mauchline". Even then, as seen here, the old nameboards remained on the front and ends of the box.

With the changes in 1978, the box received a replacement 35-lever frame of the Scottish Region's standard type which was built to a basically 100 year old design of Stevens & Sons.

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