Highland Railway


Opened: 1894

Closed: 1985

Location code: Sc59/19

General view of Rogart SouthThis photograph certainly shows how time has passed, it seems no time ago that this Type 2 (class 26) diesel chugged its way through Rogart station displaying the old-fashioned Class 1 headcode discs.

Rogart South was a nearly identical structure to Rogart North box, but had an amazing seventeen levers to work its layout. This layout was only marginally more complex - two sets of points! The siding points had, however, been removed by the date of this view. Hence the empty area and stack of surplus sleepers.

Notice the tablet catching/delivering apparatus at the foot of the platform ramp.

Rogart South signal boxA closer view of the box shows the Dutton trademark of mouldings in the barge boards and neat porch.

Notice that the boxes to not show their distinct identity on the Scottish region enamel plates, the station name sufficing.

The gradient post has collapsed, and rosebay willowherb is taking over!

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