British Railways (Scottish Region)


Opened: 1961

Closed: ——

Location code: Sc17/19

Stanbley Junction signal boxRelatively few new boxes were built by the Scottish Region during the 1960's and standardisation was abandoned in favour of modern and adventurous design. Stanley Junction, erected in 1961, has all the looks of a small power box but that isn't the case.

Stanley Junction is just north of Perth on what was the Caledonian Railway main line towards Forfar and Aberdeen. It was an important junction, for it is here that the Highland Railway main line to Inverness originates.

The box was provided with a 45-lever Stevens frame to control the layout, together with a switch panel to control intermediate locations between here and the power box at Perth which opened around the same time.

The important status of this box was not to last long. In 1967, the main line closed as a through route, being retained only as a freight line to Forfar with an intermediate crossing box at Coupar Angus. In 1982, this line closed altogether, causing the box to completely lose its junction status. It now survives only as the end of the double track section from Perth and the commencement of the single line over the Highland route.

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