Highland Railway


Opened: 1898

Closed: 1987

Location code: Sc57/02

Welsh's Bridge signal boxThe largest signal box on the Highland Railway's system was Welsh's Bridge, an important junction on the approach to Inverness station. The box opened in 1898 as part of a general resignalling of the Inverness area, and bears a number of "optional extra" such as the curving tops to the windows, which were no doubt provided as Inverness was the headquarters of the company. Rose Street was similar.

Although the box doesn't look enormous, a 95-lever Stevens & Sons frame was fitted. This was in fact a reconditioned frame originating from a Caledonian Railway box, installed in 1948. The original frame had totalled 105 levers, built by McKenzie & Holland. Integrated into the box structure is one of the supports for a heavy steel gantry carrying signals for movements in and out of the station.

Welsh's Bridge box remained in use until the area was resignalled in 1987.

Additional notes by David Ingham

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