GNR Somersault signal

Signal boxes of the

This joint committee managed the South Eastern and London, Chatham & Dover concerns from 1899. Some of the traditional South Eastern boxes continued to be erected, the last as late as 1906. Meanwhile, a new box design emerged in 1900 which survived to form the basis of the Southern Railway's standard design.

Lever frames of the constituent companies, along with those of contractors, continued in use until the evolvement of a modern frame in 1907.

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Dover Marine

A new design was introduced in 1900, clearly based on the many Saxby & Farmer boxes of the elegant 1876 pattern that existed on the system. Most boxes of this type were built sturdily in brick.

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Canterbury EastPage includes views of lever framePage includes close-up views if signalling instruments and equipment

An anusual variation of the SE&C's standard design, this example was built in timber and elevated on a steel superstructure.

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MersthamPage includes views of lever framePage includes close-up views of box diagram

Not all new boxes were built to the standard designs above. Erected in 1905, this cabin was almost certainly a second-hand superstructure from a South Eastern Railway cabin, mounted on a new brick base.

The South Eastern & Chatham became part of the Southern Railway in 1923.