GNR Somersault signal

Signal boxes of the

The Taff Vale was the only independent company in the Welsh Valleys that showed any signs of affluence, completing its signalling by 1881 and continuing to expand with the provision of comprehensive layouts worked from large signal boxes.

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Llandaff Loop Junction

Boxes of a particularly elegant variation of McKenzie & Holland's 1875 design were provided from 1875. Until c1894, standard McK&H three-pane high windows were provided, but the later boxes had two-pane plate glass sections as illustrated here - although the windows at the left end have been renewed in Great Western style.

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Walnut Tree JunctionPage includes views of signals and other outdoor equipment

An extra-tall version of the same type, which has also received some replacement window sections.

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Gyfeillon UpperPage includes views of lever frame

This smaller cabin is of all timber construction, which was not common on the Taff Vale. The lower few feet appear to have been renewed in brick to counteract rot or subsidence.

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Rhondda Fach Junction SouthPage includes views of lever frame

On later boxes, plain, unpanelled brickwork was employed for the construction of the lower storey.

The Taff Vale Railway became part of the Great Western in 1923.