GNR Somersault signal

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Tyer & Co. originally provided only signalling instruments, but took an interest in mechanical signalling when they absorbed the small Carlisle-based company of Tweedy & Co. in 1898, from where all mechanical equipment continued to be manufactured through to 1927.

Tyers, like Tweedy & Co. before them, never did obtain any large or repetitive contracts and as a result only a small number of boxes were built to their own design.

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Castle Caereinion

The only surviving Tyer & Co. box was provided for the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway in 1907. At the time of the photographs, the box had been disused for many years, and the windows along the front wall had been boarded over.

Tyer & Co. continued to trade, latterly as the British Pneumatic & Tyer Signal Company, through to the 1950's, but it is doubtful if any new boxes were erected after 1907.