Barry Railway


Opened: 1897

Closed: — —

Location code: W83/26

Aberthaw signal boxThe grandiose design of box built by Evans & O'Donnell for the Barry Railway, as illustrated at Barry, was superseded in 1897 by a simpler style.

This example, at Aberthaw East, shows the interesting arrangement of window panes (found only on the front of the boxes) which emulate the Great Western's style of divided upper panes. Standard EoD bargeboards are fitted.

The Barry Railway remained loyal after 1903, when Evans & O'Donnell were absorbed by Saxby & Farmer, by continuing to specify the EoD design of lever frame from their successors.

Aberthaw West box is long closed, but the East box remains in use, controlling access to Aberthaw Power Station and acting as an intermediate block post between Barry and Cowbridge Road at Bridgend. The original frame was renewed in 1962 - a 53-lever Great Western frame now controls the layout.

Some more recent photographs of this box, including an interior view, can be found in Roger Bailey's Signalling in South Wales section.

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