Cambrian Railway


Opened: 1893

Closed: 1982

Location code: W88/08

Aberystwyth signal boxThe Cambrian Railway's "main line" (most of which is single track!) westwards from their headquarters at Oswestry turns south when it reaches the Welsh Coast and finally lands at a sizeable terminus in Aberystwyth, which was also used by the Great Western for their line from Carmarthen.

The box was erected by Dutton & Co. in 1893, and is a splendid example of their design used between 1892 and 1895 which was notable for the extension to the roof to provide a completely covered landing. An example of their earlier boxes is illustrated at Borth, whilst the design that supersceded this can be seen at Newtown.

Aberystwyth originally housed a 71 lever frame, although this was extended to 78 levers within a year to cope with further expansion. In 1924, the Great Western (who had just absorbed the Cambrian Railway) installed a new frame of to their design of 100 levers.

Great Western signal at Aberystwyth Few pre-war Great Western wooden post signals survived into the 1970s, but this dumpy example did. As it is of Great Western, rather than Cambrian, origin it must date from after 1923. Indeed, it may date from 1923 when the GW made alterations at this station.

Notable features not found on later GW signals are the large glasses in the spectacle, which is joined to the spindle by a delicate-looking fine "swan-neck" arrangement, and an enamel arm with ribbed edges and a slight taper along its length. Earlier arms were made of wood.

The operating gear of the signal is below platform level.

The signal (which was worked by lever 100) was located here to protect the exit form an engine release siding.

Aberystwyth box closed in April 1982, when the area became controlled by Radio Electric Token Block, controlled from Machynlleth box.

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