Barry Railway


Opened: 1897

Closed: 2014

Location code: W83/16

Barry signal boxThis grand box survives at Barry, South Wales, as a monument to Evans, O'Donnell & Co. (who were the contractors that built the box) as two cast iron plates are mounted on the front of the box to say so. When first opened , it was provided with a 117 lever frame, although this was replaced by a standard GWR frame in 1957, which was more recently shortened to 77 levers.

The area, which was of course the hub of the Barry Railway network, was originally controlled by a number of boxes, today this box controls all that is left. Until the closure of the other boxes, this one carried the name Barry Station.

Until 1895, Saxby & Farmer supplied the Barry Railway's signalling equipment, but a switch was made to Evans & O'Donnell. The design of the box is unusual - it is not a standard Evans, O'Donnell & Co. product, but appears to have been "lifted" from the Great Eastern Railway standard box of the 1884 to 1889 period. Perhaps the architect had recently returned from a holiday on the Norfolk Broads . . .

Some more recent photographs of this box, can be found in Roger Bailey's Signalling in South Wales section.

A later design of Evans & O'Donnell-built box on the Barry Railway is illustrated at Aberthaw East.

Barry signalbox closed on 29th June 2014 and was demolished during the weekend of 28th/29th March 2015.

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