Cambrian Railway


Opened: 1891

Closed: 1973

Location code: W89/04

Borth signal boxBorth, a wayside station along the Welsh coast on the Cambrian Railway's line between Dovey Junction and Aberystwyth was signalled by Dutton & Co. in 1891. Samuel Dutton had worked for McKenzie & Holland until setting up his own company in 1888, so it is not altogether surprising that his fisrt design of signal box was based loosely on their practice, an example of which can be seen at Bargoed Pits.

Detail differences included the decorative moulding on the bargeboards which became a standard feature of all Dutton designs. Porches were usually provided, but Dutton's next design, introduced in 1892, included an integrated porch, as at Aberystwyth.

The box contained a 17-lever Dutton frame, with the levers spaced at 4½" inches, suggesting this was the "direct tappet" variation of the type illustrated at Welshpool.

The box survived as a crossing point on the single line until 1973 when general reductions in traffic and the closure of the goods yard allowed it to be abolished.

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