Rhymney Railway


Opened: 1913

Closed: 1964

Location code: W75/26

Caerphilly East box
Photograph 21/7/61, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

Caerphilly East was the largest box to be erected on the Rhymney railway system, built to Mckenzie & Holland's design, just like the smaller boxes at Bargoed Pits and Ystrad Mynach South.

Caerphilly was a focal point in the Rhymney network, with lines diverging in various directions at either end of the station. At the east end, the B&M split away from the main line linking to Machen, whilst in the vee of the junction was a short branch to the Rhymney's locomotive works.

This view, taken from the Main Up platform, looks down the main line towards Cardiff with the Goods Loops and works lines to the left, whilst the B&M line is barely visible behind the box as it curves away.

All of the signals in this view are of Western Region design.

Interior of Caerphilly East box
Photograph 21/7/61, by Dr J W F Scrimgeour

The interior view shows the 162-lever frame, of standard McKenzie & Holland design. All of the levers have been fitted-out with GWR brass badges.

The sparsely equipped block shelf is provided with four GWR Spagnoletti block instruments (and their associated bells). These would have replaced the original Tyers two-position instruments as used by the Rhymney Railway. The four instruments work to Caerphilly West (four lines), Cefn-On and Machen Junction (B&M).

The Caerphilly area was heavily rationalised in the early 1960s and the location lost its importance. This led to the closure of Caerphilly East box on 19th July 1964.

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