Welshpool & Llanfair Railway


Opened: 1907

Closed: 1911

Location code: W89/31

Castle Caereinion signal boxThe Welshpool & Llanfair Railway was, of course, only a narrow gauge line, and signalling was fairly basic, being generally controlled from ground frames.

However, in 1907 an additional platform was provided at Castle Caereinion to allow passenger trains to cross and the railway's only "proper" box was erected by Tyer & Co. It contained just ten levers.

The box was only used during the summer months - at other times the signalling was disconnected and the sidings worked from ground frames.

The box closed after only four summers of work.

The other "end" of Castle Caereinion boxAmazingly, the structure has survived in sound condition. The line is now operated as a steam tourist railway and although they have no operation use for it, it survives as a store-room.

Relatively few Tyer boxes were built (most were found on the Cambrian Railway) and this is has become the only surviving example.

The occasion of this visit was the purchase of a set of miniature train staff instruments which the railway had obtained but never used, finding the Train Staff & Ticket system adequate for their needs. These had been stored in the box, and may now be seen fully restored and on display at the Kidderminster Railway Museum.

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