British Railways (Western Region)


Opened: 1950

Closed: 1976

Location code: W57/19

Fosse Road signal boxThis box, situated where the historic Fosse Way crosses the Great Western Railway's main line to Birmingham south of Leamington, was erected in 1950 and was the third cabin at this location.

Its function was primarily as an intermediate break-section box, although goods loops were added when the second (1906) box opened.

This design of box was used by the Western Region between 1947 and 1950, replacing the type illustrated at Haverfordwest, differing mainly in the style of operating floor window. The large locking room windows are positioned off centre and give the box an unbalanced appearance owing to the presence of an internal staircase. The roof is made of pre-formed asbestos sheet. Later boxes were constructed to the style illustrated at Rossett.

For a remote box that would have dwindled in importance as traffic dropped, it is surprising the box survived in use right up to 1976.

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