Great Western Railway


Opened: c1925

Closed: 1986

Location code: W63/10

Green Lane Crossing signal boxWhilst the majority of Great Western boxes were built with hipped roofs from 1896 (see Astrop) the use of gabled roofs, which was a much cheaper form of construction, was not entirely abandoned. Most boxes that were considered to be temporary or to have a relatively short lifespan had gabled roofs, and from 1921 use became more widespread.

This particular example seems to have suffered some worrying structural problems - surprising for a box that is not particularly old. Later boxes, such as Haverfordwest abandoned the unusual arrangement of window panes (which seems to have, retrospectively, become a trademark of the Great Western) in favour of a simplified style.

Green Lane Crossing is located on the Shrewsbury to Chester line, just a short distance before the line joins the LNW's North Wales Coast line at Saltney Junction. It contained a 21-lever frame, and survived into recent years through its controlling a level crossing. In 1984, Green Lane Crossing became a fringe box to Chester power box but singling of the line ended its life on 5th January 1986, after which the crossing was controlled remotely from Chester eith the assistance of closed-circuit television.

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