Taff Vale Railway


Opened: 1900

Closed: 1998

Location code: W79/14

Llandaff Loop Junction signal boxSituated just north of Cardiff, and on the approaches to the Radyr Junction complex, was Llandaff Loop Junction. Here, a pair of lines (latterly singled) branch off to skirt west of Radyr yard allowing access to the sidings from the south end at Radyr Quarry Junction.

The first box here was known as Llandaff Fourth Line Junction, but this was replaced by the box depicted here in 1900. It originally housed a 77-lever Dutton & Co. frame (as opposed to the usual McKenzie & Holland frames on the TV) but this was replaced in 1966 by a 40-lever Great Western frame. By this time the box had become a "fringe" to Cardiff panel, and many of the connections here had been removed.

Beneath the box nameplate is an enamel sign with the letters "LL" - this confirms the identity of the box given on the colour light signals it controls.

The box is of the Taff Vale's second design - most of the windows are of the large-paned variety, but those nearest the staircase have at some time been replaced by some more in keeping with Great Western design. An all-wood equivalent of this design is illustrated at Gyfeillon Upper.

All of the boxes in the area closed in 1998, when the lines became controlled from a small panel at Radyr Junction.

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